Bass Cat HD破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V-

Bass Cat HD破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V


Bass Cat HD破解版遊戲介紹
Bass Cat is designed to help students of all ages learn how to quickly identify notes in the bass clef.
There are 50 entertaining levels that get progressively more challenging.
This app has been created in collaboration with professional musicians and educators.
A fun way for beginners to get past the most challenging and sometimes discouraging introduction to reading music.
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"These two apps (Treble Cat & Bass Cat) are excellent for students to practice identifying notes on the staff. It is a great pair of apps to recommend to parents/students to use at home. I love how simple the concept of the game is — even young piano students will be able to independently use this app."

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