bit Dungeon II破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V-

bit Dungeon II破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V


bit Dungeon II破解版遊戲介紹
bit Dungeon II is fast action-adventure game with a giant overworld to explore.

You are a spirit in an undead world of demons. Your "loved one's " grave has been desecrated. Fight through these corrupted lands, and bring peace to her soul.

The dungeons are randomly placed in the overworld, changing your experience each play through.

[list][*]Permadeath You get one soul, and only once chance to retrieve it when you die.
[*]Steam Play Support.
[*]Each weapon type has a unique power attack including ranged, and magic weapons.
[*]Level up based on which weapon you use.
[*]Randomly generated items.
[*]Giant difficult dungeon bosses.
[*]Enemies with disgusting faces.
[*]Original Chip Bit music by Stress_tn.
[*]Controller Support.
[*]Once you beat the game it starts over, play forever, become stronger then... a god.[/list]

bit Dungeon II破解版玩家評論

How can I pick up item?


The game is intense, fun and challenging. Bug ran into few bug that after I close the game for few day. All the status and equipment will drop back to none