Bug Princess 2破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V-

Bug Princess 2破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V


Bug Princess 2破解版遊戲介紹
? Game Overview ?
Introducing the sequel to the highly-rated title "Bug Princess"!
Bringing "Bug Princess 2" straight from the arcade!
Guide one of the two playable characters, Reco or Palm through storms of bullets and set off for an adventurous journey to Utakata Village!

* This application only includes the arcade version.

? Full Version ?
●The sequel to the popular aracade title "Bug Princess", "Bug Princess 2" is now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

●3 different game modes with 4 levels of difficulty.
Original Mode: Not too many bullets.
Maniac Mode: Relatively large number of bullets.
Ultra Mode: Extreme bullet hell.
Try all the game modes!
You can choose from 4 difficulty levels: Novice, Normal, Hard, and Hell.
Anyone from begginer shooters to hardcore players can enjoy playing this new addition to the "Bug Princess" series!

●A universal app with high resolution graphics!

●PRACTICE MODE is available for all game modes to help all players from beginners to veterans improve their skills. Brush up your skills and become the best shooter!

●"Smart" touchscreen controls
Control is as intuitive as ever with touchscreen on your smartphone! You are now able to precisely move your character exactly where you want it!

●Compatible with Game Center!
Online scoreboards and achievements are fully implemented!
Scores are recorded for each modes and stages.
Compete with players from around the world!
Accomplish certain tasks within game to unlock achievements! Complete all achievements!

### Important ### : Please read the following before
●Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later, iPod touch 3rd gen. and later, iPad (iOS 4.3 and later). Not compatible with any other devices.
●This application uses a lot of memory. It may not run or may shutdown when there's not enough memory. Please see our support page for more details.
●Enabling the zoom funtion in the accessibility settings may have undesired effects on gameplay.

Bug Princess 2破解版玩家評論

ESPGALUDA II と怒首領蜂大復活と違って、虫姫さまふたりはインターフェイスが画質向上になったが、実際のゲーム画面は同じレベルです。これは今後HD版が出る可能性があるというのでしょうか?

じつは CAVE のこういう商法が納得できません。すでに存在しているゲーム app をアップデートではなく、同じゲームをHD化して、もう一つのゲームを出すということは、本来のプレイヤーの気持ちを傷付くことです。

與 ESPGALUDA II 和怒首領蜂大復活不同,蟲姬 2 的介面更細緻了,但實際的遊戲畫面一樣有明顯的顆粒,這是否意味將來會另外推出 HD 版?

我個人無法接受 CAVE 這種賣法,不在既有的遊戲上作升級,而是另外出一款一樣內容但畫質更好的遊戲,舊有的玩家情何以堪?