Action Bowling Classic破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V-


Action Bowling Classic破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V


Action Bowling Classic破解版遊戲介紹 Action Bowing Classic (previously Action Bowling Free) - the best bowling game on iOS. Now with over 40 million downloads!

Game Review:

Kronos's Action Bowling Rolls a Perfect Game...

There are several bowling games in the App Store...none is in the same league as Action Bowling, from Kronos Games. It's about as close to real bowling as you're going to get on the iPhone and iPod touch.


Action Bowling is the best and most feature packed bowling game on iOS. It is the only bowling game in the App Store that features :
? 10 outrageous bowling locations
? 72 unique custom bowling balls
? State-of-the-art 3D physics engine for real pin action
? Explosive ball-on-pin collisions.
? Professional straight, curve and hook shots.
? Pass and Play Mode so you can bowl against 3 friends
? Practice mode so you can set up a custom rack to practice knocking down those tricky splits
? Detailed stats tracking
? Bowling alley, bowling ball and pins built according to PBA regulation specifications
? Stunning 3D graphics
? Full music tracks and robust sound effects

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