Lara Croft破解版下載:神裝任意領-


Lara Croft: Relic Run破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V


  • Lara Croft破解版遊戲介紹 Run, swing, drive, and swan dive your way as Lara Croft through mesmerizing yet hazardous environments, uncovering ancient relics to unearth the truth and solve the mystery behind a shadowy conspiracy that threatens the world!

    - Discover incredible locations as you make your way through the jungle, the desert or the mountains, each filled with secrets and danger.
    - Use Lara's signature parkour moves to create death-defying last minute escapes.
    - Master fast-paced vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles to give Lara more ways to conquer the terrain.
    - Engage in epic Boss Fights and defeat iconic enemies including the return of the infamous T-Rex!
    - Progress through the campaign map to collect relics and uncover the Relic Run mystery.
    - Power up Lara's arsenal of weapons and engage in frantic combat.
    - Choose from a wardrobe of classic Lara outfits, each with its own gameplay perks.
    - Swap and upgrade equipment to give Lara the edge.
    - Get the chance to rack up big rewards in endless mode with non-stop action
    - Earn bragging rights on the leader boards.

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    The speed of gameplay and graphics offered in this game, requires minimum iPhone 5c, iPad Mini 2 or iPad 3

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    Keep lagging can't even finish a round