• Crosswords破解版遊戲介紹 "… the definitive source for puzzles for iOS…" -- the New York Times

    Play the Award Winning Crosswords on your iPad or iPhone, optimized for iOS 12! Each day many newspapers provide their crossword puzzles online; wake up each day to new puzzles, solve them, get hints, view clues, and track how quickly you're improving!

    ? Touch and hold a square to view hints
    ? US and UK Cryptic puzzles available
    ? Hints, Websites, and Clue lookups
    ? Enter answers in 'ink' or 'pencil'
    ? Quickly see your recently played, or sort by date, difficulty or source
    ? Detailed info on each puzzle
    ? Post your solve times online and compare with other solvers

    After upgrading, you can also:
    ? Automatically get new puzzles every day
    ? Access nearly unlimited puzzles from many different sources
    ? Grab older puzzles with a tap
    ??Download new puzzles automatically in the background

    Upgraded Puzzle Sources:
    ??Brendan Emmett Quigley's Weekly Puzzle
    ??Inkwell Crossword (Archives only)
    ??Village Voice (Archives only)
    ??Chronicle of Higher Education (Archives only)
    ??King Features Crosswords (Joseph, Sheffer, and Premier)
    ??People Magazine (Archives only)
    ??Newsday (Archives only)
    ? Andy Kravis, Cruciverbist at Law
    ? Glutton for Pun
    ? MacNamara's Band
    ? Murchie's Monday Fills
    ? Neville Fogarty
    ? Puzzle Express
    ? The Stickler Weekly
    ? World of Crosswords

    Premium Crosswords subscription required:
    ? Matt Gaffney's Crossword Contest
    ? American Values Crossword
    ? Crooked Crosswords

    Providers list subject to change.
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