• Hexiled破解版遊戲介紹 ? Reached #1 word game in 32 countries
    ? Played over 5 million times
    ? Hexiled is an original, addictive and challenging word game, with both intense and relaxed gameplay
    ? ESCAPE, EXPLORE, SURVIVE, DISCOVER game modes suit both word fiends and casual gamers
    ? Test your vocabulary, learn new words, challenge friends or beat your own scores

    Make words that must touch vacant tile spaces and meet minimum word-length indicators shown on tiles. The tutorial at the start of the game explains the rules, so pay attention and you'll get away to the best possible start.

    Try all four game modes:

    ? ESCAPE - with timing that adapts to your performance, this is a frantic challenge for anyone
    ? EXPLORE - there's no time limit, so relax and rack up a high score or hunt the longest words
    ? SURVIVE - earn time by finding words in a test of quick thinking, vocabulary and endurance
    ? DISCOVER - reach the edge in fewest possible words; gets harder as you get better

    Play in any of the following languages:

    ? English
    ? Fran?ais (French)
    ? Deutsch (German)
    ? Nederlands (Dutch)
    ? Espa?ol (Spanish)
    ? Português (Portuguese)
    ? Italiano (Italian)

    "Spellbinding new wordplay app" - Evaluapp
    "The best word game I have ever played" - sboyce_tw
    "This game is so amazing! I'm addicted to it" - jotap_rios
    "If you know what's good for you, you'll download Hexiled" - tee_dee_pee
    "One of the best games on the App Store - great word based game" - tcfairfax
    "A very satisfying hexagonal word search maze-like. Highly recommend!" - BookishMatt

    The game includes detailed post-game statistics, your all-time stats and an original soundtrack.

    Hexiled's four different modes offer something for everyone. Waiting for a friend or at the coffee shop? ESCAPE games take a couple of minutes (or 15-30 seconds if you're really good!). The morning commute or work break is perfect for SURVIVE's 1-5 minute games, while one last game of EXPLORE before bed is hard to resist. New DISCOVER mode adds something for those wanting an unrushed game, but without the commitment of a full EXPLORE session.


    I think this app is pretty hard to figure out how to play it.However ,when you understand how to play it,it is quite easy and fun.