Next Chess Move破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V-


Next Chess Move破解版下載:無限鑽石仙玉+滿V


Next Chess Move破解版遊戲介紹 NCM is a powerful chess calculator that runs Stockfish 14 directly on your device. The app also includes access to a growing list of engines running on NCM's single core CPU hardware:

? Stockfish latest official releases and development builds
? Lc0 (all official networks and several contrib networks)
? GNU Chess
? Cfish
? Ethereal
? Xiphos
? Laser
? Defenchess
? Arasan
? Vajolet2
? OpenTal
? Nemorino
? Demolito
? Winter
? Nalwald
? Igel

The optional NCM Pro in-app purchase provides a full year access to powerful hardware and features that significantly enhance the strength of calculations:

? Dual Xeon E5-2680 v2 20 CPU-core servers
? RTX 2080 GPUs for LcZero
? 6-man syzygy tablebases on SSD drives

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